Where are you located?

Lil Cheeky is now available at Basics Co-op in Janesville, WI. We have full pints – many different flavors, including vegan and gluten free options. Regular and vegan pints are $6.99 and CBD pints are $9.99

How do I try some ice cream?

Call, email or message to contact about what and how much you’re looking for. We are┬ávery happy to help offer suggestions and go over what stock is currently on hand.

What flavors are available right now?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for instant updates about what flavors are available and other updates. Flavors listed on this website are just to show what flavors can be made.

What is in your ice cream?

Our traditional ice cream starts with a base of cream, milk, egg yolks and sugar. From there it depends on the flavor. All flavors use natural flavors and ingredients- often focused on organic, seasonal, locally sourced produce.

Our non dairy/ vegan ice creams start with coconut milk and sugar and use all that same, good, local produce.

No flavored syrups or food coloring’s here at Lil Cheeky. Its the way ice cream should be- natural, pure and above all – fun.

Whats in your cookie dough?

Our dough starts with all natural butter (vegan butter when ordered), sugar, salt, milk (coconut milk when ordered), vanilla extract and all purpose flour. Add ins (chocolate, nuts, candy, etc)

Can I eat the cookie dough raw?

Absolutely! We don’t use any eggs, so our dough is ready to eat whenever you want.